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As the full time Art Director for a fast growing brand that has made the Inc 500 list 8 years in a row, I can say with certainty that this industry still excites me every day. It never stops changing and it never stops challenging. With well over a decade of agency experience and another 15 years leading an internal creative team, I have held roles as Senior Designer, Principal Brand Designer or Art Director for the majority of my career. I have worked on a wide range of projects across many different industries. As a team leader I can quickly identify strengths and weaknesses to appropriately delegate tasks and achieve the best possible results. As a freelance designer I excel at shaping projects from concept through creation both online and in print.

The evolution of communicating and interacting in creative ways continues to grow faster than most can keep up. Relevant solutions for what a seller or service provider actually needs and wants to provide for their customers are now becoming expected user experiences. All these new ways of interacting are vital and valuable but only when understood and executed correctly. Throughout my career I have striven to explore new technologies, tools and techniques to create fresh and exciting solutions for clients of all industries and backgrounds. 

I can attribute my passion for my work to a sincere love of not only design but to the entire process. Problem solving is an exciting and vital part of achieving the best results possible. I'm always looking for an out of the box solution while relying on many years of experience in real world production to ensure the end results are not only outstanding but exactly what is expected.

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