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+ Corporate Identity + Product Branding + Photography + Graphics + Packaging


Starting out:
Basic brand assets are required at
the inception of any new product
or service to bring it to market
and start getting traction.

For many new business owners, these needs arrive "HOT". As in "We have a meeting and need this now!" Having "Starter Assets" in place is vital to be able to develop sales and marketing collateral quickly.

- As this is still a developing product, certain information is left out for the protection of intellectual properties.

First things first:
Perigean Medical had a ground-breaking product but they needed branding before they could present their idea to the world.

The original request was for a brochure but first we needed to develop some branding for both the company and the product.
Starting with the corporate logo.


Product identity:
The branding of a product or service itself gives it an identity and can help generate overall awareness.

In addition to the product logo, to begin developing a brochure there was an urgent need for some product photography.
This included some minimal package development to create a branded foil for the product seal.

Visual aids:
Simplification makes
great communication.

The last elements needed were some icons and diagrams to more clearly illustrate crucial points in a simple way.


The original need.

With all the starter assets now ready, the brochure is created.
Perigean Medical has the sales tool they need for their presentation on time and above

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