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See how the Kurgo logo evolved to stay in step with an innovative and fast transitioning brand.


2004 - The Original
Car travel solutions.

The original logo was designed by the owner of the company. The initial thought was to combine the words carry and ergonomic but somewhere along the the way C became K.
At first, Kurgo designed products for the car that focused on making common travel related tasks easier. Several of these products aided in the carrying
of tires, groceries, etc. so
including a handle in the logo made sense.

2009 - Logo Refresh #1

The first logo rework for the Kurgo brand. Still travel ...with dogs.

Kurgo zeros in on developing products that allowed people to travel with their dogs more easily and safely. They expressed a desire for a "lock-up" style logo and the addition of a slogan.
The original word mark was preserved and paired with a graphic representing a dog lying on the back seat of a car looking out the window. With the focus now being on traveling with your dog, the slogan "go together" was a perfect fit.


2021 - Logo Refresh #2
We are an outdoor brand.

Kurgo is now known as the outdoor adventure brand for dog people. Their product line had grown out of the car and into the woods.
The "go together" slogan now included adventures outside of the car by gearing up dogs with apparel, backpacks, etc.
The brands core colors of orange and blue remain but in much brighter more vibrant shades. The dog icon got an update while the rest of the logo was stripped down to be more simple and impactful. We ditched the lock-up and, much luck the new products, brought Kurgo into the woods. 

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