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Bringing the look of Kurgo's packaging current to better represent their outdoor culture.


A fresh new face
Cleaner -- Brighter -- Bolder

Kurgo's packaging had not recceived a true refresh since the initial designs from the beginning when they made travel accessories. The brand had evolved and was now focused on creating outdoor gear for dogs. The packaging needed a new look more in line with where the brand was heading.

Stripped down brand-forward design

Updated fonts, trimmed down copy and simplified graphics come together creating a clean layout with clear concise messaging. Icon style illustrations are used to quickly communicate exactly what the product is.


Visual communication
Letting graphics tell the story.

Kurgo's packaging has as many as 9 languages. That many translations can clutter a layout very fast and makes it difficult to have a clear hierarchy of the content. Conveying information with custom icons can greatly reduce the amount of copy required. Icons also provide another opportunity to strengthen the visual identity with a consistent style that becomes part of the brand.

Off the box
Set-up videos, assembly instructions, even augmented reality experiences can now be part of the packaging.

The custom QR codes jump to a single easy to navigate source for all product related information. From size charts to installation videos, it can all be reached instantly right in the store. Helping the customer make an educated decision and at the same time allowing a cleaner and more pleasing presentation on a retail shelf.


Features, no fluff
Product details in 50 words or less. 

No stories, no anecdotes or otherwise not required information. Important product features bulleted along side of a detailed call-outs diagram. The need-to-knows clearly communiccated in 9 languages.

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