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Kurgo is a leading manufacturer of outdoor gear, apparel and travel accessories for dogs and their people.


Clean New Look:
Update brand identity (logo and graphics) to be more current and boost impact while maintaining
their established outdoor culture.

While Kurgo continued to grow at a very aggressive pace, the brand's direction had shifted from being focused on travel products to primarily outdoor gear and apparel. Their logo needed to reflect this more and also to provide more impact.


Break the Mold:
Create sales tools that position Kurgo
more as an outdoor brand than a
typical pet product brand.

While digital media rules in the land of marketing these days, it does not eliminate the need for print collateral.
In-person meetings with buyers, exchanges at trade shows and various B2C
opportunities all still benefit greatly from the tangible value of a well crafted catalog. (digital version as well of course)


Stand Out:
Packaging that pops on the shelf and promotes better brand awareness.

One of the most important updates needed was to the brands face at retail. While Kurgo was fast becoming a force in the pet industry worldwide, their packaging style had become outdated. A more polished look with stripped down content provided a nice clean presentation and allowed room for what was now 9 languages.


Marketing blitz and in-store presence.

Online and on shelf, awareness is
everything - Email, social media, pop,

in--store displays, banner ads...and so on.

Taking advantage of multiple platforms
to show off a fresh new face.


Influence the influencers:
No more trash n trinckets.

Connecting to the audience.
Kurgo has built a solid reputation among
dog loving outdoor adventurers and
enthusiasts. The ask was for brand forward apparel that spoke to that culture ...stuff they would want to wear.

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